How to Outsmart Burglars and Secure Your Home

By understanding burglars’ schemes, techniques, and motivations, you deny them the opportunity to break into your home. In 2020, the year of the National Lockdown, there were still over 400,000 burglary incidents reported – more than 1,100 per day – so protecting your home from intruders and getting the best home security should always be a priority. To better understand what weaknesses a burglar looks for, we consulted a security specialist. Here we offer some insights and anti-burglary suggestions to prevent you from falling victim to burglary.


Be wary of forced entry tactics:

If you want to keep your house secure from these threats, make sure your lock meets recommended safety standards. Not sure how to do it? We recommend installing a three-star rated cylinder lock to protect your current lock from snapping, as these are tested explicitly against snapping techniques and will reinforce your door.


Never ignore a knock at the door:

A recent survey found that almost every burglar knocked on the front door before attempting to break into a house. If there is someone at home who answers the door, the burglar makes up an excuse and moves on. You mustn’t open the door, but you should definitely let them know you’re home—you might prevent a burglary.


Keep all doors and windows locked:

Yes, this might seems obvious, but many people forget to lock their doors or close their windows. The majority of burglars claimed to have “broken in” by simply walking through an unlocked door or climbing through an open window.



Keep the outside of your home well lit:

Because burglars like to work incognito while robbing you, a well-lit property will make them think twice. Even if burglars are almost certain that you are at work or on holiday, they would prefer to target a home they can approach in the dark to avoid drawing attention to themselves.


Don’t let leaflets or mail build up:

Another alarming trend sees burglars putting leaflets through the letterbox every day. Whether it’s takeaway menus or advertising, They then peek through your letterbox to see if flyers have accumulated on the floor – they know the house is empty if the pile is undisturbed. If you are away for more than a few days, consider giving a key to a trusted neighbour or family member who can come in every so often and clear any mail or leaflets, removing any indication that the house is unoccupied.


Resident behaviour:

Humans are creatures of routine and habit. Unfortunately, this helps burglars in determining when and how to strike. If they are casing your house, they’ll take note of when you leave, how long you’re gone for, whether you’ve closed and locked the door, and if you unload valuable items in your driveway.


Take care of what you post on social media:

An increasing number of burglars are using social media to target potential victims. Please don’t make it easy for them by announcing your holiday plans or posting updates from your trip. Even if you have set your social media to “private,” this information can still be shared with people outside your social circle.


How to outsmart thieves and prevent a burglary:

Burglars are unpredictable, but there are a variety of preventative measures you can implement. Some suggestions for anti-burglary defence are provided below:

  • Start a neighbourhood watch: Neighbourhood watch programmes thwart criminal activity in your community. It’s a great way to assist citizens and stay on the same page regarding safety and security issues.
  • Purchase a security system: Deter break-ins with a home security system. Get a camera and make sure it’s visible. Options vary from indoor or outdoor cameras to alarmed security with monitoring services.
  • Rely on your furry friend: Regardless of how adorable Cuddles is, dogs are a formidable presence—a thief will be hesitant to mess with their turf. If you don’t have a dog, hang a “Beware of Dog” sign in your front window, balcony or porch.
  • Invest in privacy film: Line decorative windows with privacy film to protect yourself from nosy neighbours or thieves. Privacy film prevents curious eyes from seeing your valuables while still allowing natural light to pass through.


While there is no surefire way to prevent a burglar from breaking into your house, remaining vigilant and taking small preventive measures will always help protect your possessions, home, and family. So, whether you go with a dog, motion-sensitive lights, or a professionally monitored home security service, you’re on the right track.


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