Sell House Fast Reviews, Overview & Prices Paid (2021)

While promising a stress-free and speedy process, their website does not state definitively where they source the funds required for purchase. This implies that they may be relying on third parties rather than their own resources. Sell House Fast claims that it is a reputable alternative to an estate agent, offering to purchase your home for up to 90% of its market value. They are members of the NAPB and registered with The Property Ombudsman, which indicate that they are a reputable cash house buyer who will make you a fair offer on your home.

Who is Sell House Fast?

Sell House Fast is a leading property company that completes more than 300 house sales annually. They maintain to make selling your home as swift and straightforward as possible, so if you’re in financial trouble, they can release equity quickly to prevent this.

They appear to provide a satisfactory service and also cover all associated costs, including legal fees. Sell House Fast will make you a preliminary offer within 24 hours and will allegedly pay up to 90% of your property’s value.

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What services does Sell House Fast provide?

Sell House Fast is a cash home buyer who will buy your house quickly and efficiently. They will buy any house, no matter the condition. That means they’ll buy properties in flood-prone areas or in areas that have already experienced water damage.

Like many other cash house buyers, they offer a free quote service – once you fill out the online form, Sell House Fast will contact you within a 24-hour time span with an opening offer. According to Sell House Fast, their regular house sale takes four weeks, but they can work to shorter timescales if you need the money sooner due to any financial circumstances.

What is the process with Sell House Fast?

The process of selling your home to Sell House Fast appears to be quick and easy. To begin, fill out the online form or call the company with information regarding your home; you should then receive a cash estimate within 24 hours.


Following that, Sell House Fast will send a surveyor to ensure that their offer is reasonable concerning the value of your home. If you are content with the final proposal, Sell House Fast will handle the rest and cover all costs, including solicitor fees.

You can agree on a completion date, which will range between 7 and 28 days.

Sell House Fast Positives

  • Sell House Fast is registered with The Property Ombudsman; this means they will follow the code of conduct for cash home buyers.
  • They are also members of the NAPB, an organisation dedicated to upholding high service standards in the property buying industry.
  • If your circumstances necessitate it, Sell House Fast can alter the timeline of your sale.
  • When you sell to Sell House Fast, there are no additional fees – they will cover all legal costs, as do many other cash home buyers.

Sell House Fast Negatives

  • Because you are paying for the ease of a quick and guaranteed sale, Sell House Fast will only pay up to 90% of the market value for your home.
  • This cash home buyer’s website does not specify where they get their money. This may imply that they must rely on third parties to obtain the funds to purchase your home, which may cause the sale to be delayed.
  • Only a few online reviews for Sell House Fast are available, so you can’t be sure these are an exact representation of their business and services.

Compare with British Homebuyers

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Our Verdict

Sell House Fast appears to be a reputable cash house buyer, more than capable of supplying you with a fair offer for your property or house and completing the sale within 28 days. In addition, they are registered with The Property Ombudsman and NAPB, which is always positive.

There are no concealed fees or hidden legal costs, but unlike some cash home buyers, Sell House Fast does not reveal the source of funds, which could indicate that third-party investors are involved.


According to Sell House Fast, they pay up to 90% of the asking price for a house. This value can rise or fall depending on your specific property.

How long does it take for Sell House Fast to buy my house?

Property sales to Sell House Fast typically take 7-28 days to complete. They can, however, expedite this process if your circumstances require faster access to funds.

When working with Sell House Fast, you will not be charged any fees, and they cover solicitor's fees and any other legal costs.

Yes, Sell House Fast is registered with The Property Ombudsman as well as the NAPB.

The Sell House Fast website does not specify where their funds come from. This could imply that they use third-party investors to purchase a property.

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