Selling Your House Due to Divorce

Divorce or separation will always result in many tough conversations and decisions you and your spouse must make. For example, you may have questions about your home – who will get the house? Are you going to sell through an agent or settle for an auction? Knowledge is power, so it’s always a good idea […]

What Does POA Mean in Property?

It’s not unusual for the letters POA to appear instead of the listing price when searching for homes on property portals. The term, which is an abbreviation for Price on Application, exists to conceal the asking price from the general public and can be used for various reasons. So, what exactly is POA, why are some […]

What Certificates Do I Need to Sell My House?

Selling your house was always going to be a stressful process. From finding the most competent estate agent, styling up your home, and scheduling viewings are only but a few things to think about. But there’s still the paperwork. The selling process means you’ll need to gather some paperwork and complete some documents. Some of these are […]