We Buy Any Home Reviews & Prices Paid (2022 Update)

We Buy Any Home are a nation wide quick homebuying company that promise to purchase your property within 7 days, or with the choice to take your time to decide if you would like to proceed with a sale.

Who Are We Buy Any Home?

We Buy Any Home are owned by Kazai Capital Ltd and were established in 2013. They are an established home buying company based in London, UK. Within this review we will look at:

  1. Contacting We Buy Any Homes
  2. Reviews
  3. Our Verdict
  4. Compare with British Homebuyers
  5. FAQ’s

What Services do We Buy Any Home provide?

We Buy Any Home will do exactly that; they aim to purchase any property across England and Wales. It does not matter the condition.

Their website does not specify what percentage of market value We Buy Any Home will purchase for. However, it is likely to be below market value. Their website illustrates and example where 85% of true market value is paid. However, this is just an example and it would be best to clarify with We Buy Any Home regarding your specific property.

We Buy Any Home also operate a sister company called SOLD. Sold.co.uk operates as a quick-sale estate agency, offering homeowners an alternative to the typically lower direct purchase prices offered.

How Does it Work With We Buy Any Home?

We Buy Any Home offers a simple three step process to obtaining a purchase quote and completing a purchase on your property. A process typical to ethical homebuying companies.

Initially you can phone We Buy Any Home or enter your details on their website. You will need to share basic information about yourself and property.

Upon receiving your information, We Buy Any Home will make you an offer within 24 hours. It does not make it clear what is involved in performing this assessment, however it does appear to be very quick.

The final step highlights that if you accept, We Buy Any Home’s offer, the sale is agreed and that you can sit back, relax, and let them take care of all the work.

We Buy Any Home Positives

  • We Buy Any Home are an established homebuying company, operating since 2013.
  • We Buy Any Home are well reviewed online by their customers across multiple platforms.
  • We Buy Any Home have no costs associated to using their services.
  • We Buy Any Home claim to purchase within 7 days.
  • We Buy Any Home can also assist you in selling your property as a quick-sale estate agency via SOLD.

We Buy Any Home Negatives

  • We Buy Any Home will not purchase at full market value, which is typical when selling to a homebuying company.
  • We Buy Any Home can be easily confused with We Buy Any House which is a separate company and in no way connected.

Compare with British Homebuyers

There is no shortage of companies who will buy your house for cash. This is fantastic for homeowners who are looking to sell their home fast, but who do they choose? Unfortunately, there are a few unethical companies out there who will take advantage by undervaluing a property or dropping the offered price right before the transfer is about to go through. The table below has the reviews of the largest property cash buyers in the UK in order for you to make an informed decision and enjoy a quick, hassle-free selling experience.

Home Buying Company





British Home Buyers

4.9/5 from 149 Reviews

4.8/5 from 154 Reviews

4.8/5 from 321 Reviews

4.9/5 from 17 Reviews

We Buy Any Home

4.4/5 from 275 Reviews

4.7/5 from 602 Reviews

4.4/5 from 7 Reviews

No Reviews

Our Verdict

We Buy Any Home is a respected and established homebuying company operating from London, UK.

We Buy Any Home have hundreds of reviews and appear to be well like by their customers. They appear to have a range of services that help homeowners sell quickly.


We Buy Any Home would like to purchase your property at below market value, although they do not make clear on their website what percentage. An example on their website suggests 85% of true market value.

We Buy Any Home highlights a clear 3 step process to securing a cash off on your property. They claim to purchase in as little at 7 days.

We Buy Any Home offer a free cash offer with no estate agent or solicitor fees. Although it is not clear the cost if you choose to sell through their sister quick-sale estate agency, sold.co.uk.

We Buy Any Home is registered with professional bodies, such as the Property Ombudsman & the ICO.

We Buy Any Home are a direct cash buyer, meaning they have immediate funds available to purchase your home.

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