Property Buyers Today: Reviews, Overview & Prices Paid (2022)

Property Buyers Today will pay cash for your property or home. Unfortunately, there aren’t many details about their services on the website, but they are members of the NAPB and registered with The Property Ombudsman. It is unclear where they will buy property in the UK and what percentage of market value they will offer you. It is also unclear how long the purchasing process will take, but they state that once the legal paperwork for your house sale is completed, the funds should be transferred to your account within 48 hours.

Who are Property Buyers Today?

Property Buyers Today are based in Lincoln. They are members of the NAPB and are registered with The Property Ombudsman. Aside from that, there isn’t much information available, either on their website or through reviews.

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What services do Property Buyers Today provide?

Property Buyers Today are a solution if you’re relocating abroad, stuck in a broken chain, or facing repossession and need to sell your house quickly. Unfortunately, they don’t say on their website what percentage of your property’s market value they’ll offer you – or where in the UK they’ll buy properties – so you’ll have to contact them to find out.

What is the process with Property Buyers Today?

To begin selling your home to Property Buyers Today, you fill out their online form or call them. They will either arrange a video call or visit your property in person to determine the market value of your property.

They will make you a cash offer once they have completed the survey. If you agree to proceed, you will be required to fill out some forms while Property Buyers Today handles the legal process and fees. They state that any funds will be transferred into your bank account 48 hours after this is completed.

Property Buyers Today Positives

  • They are regulated by the NAPB and The Property Ombudsman, which is always encouraging.
  • Their phone lines are open until 10 pm, so you can contact them after hours if you have any questions.

Property Buyers Today Negatives

  • There isn’t much information or many reviews on their website, making it difficult to determine their trustworthiness.
  • They don’t say what percentage of your property’s market value they may be willing to offer.
  • It is unclear how long the property buying process will take or where they purchase property in the United Kingdom.

Compare with British Homebuyers

Discover how Property Buyers Today compares to British Homebuyers

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British Home Buyers

4.9/5 from 149 Reviews

4.8/5 from 154 Reviews

4.8/5 from 321 Reviews

4.9/5 from 17 Reviews

Property Buyers Today 

4.4/5 from 30 Reviews

No Reviews

No Reviews

No Reviews

Our Verdict

Open Property Group is a direct cash home buyer with cash funds available to purchase your home. They will buy problem properties and properties currently rented out to tenants.  They appear to be a reputable company, registered with The Property Ombudsman and members of the NAPB and RLA. According to reviews on independent review sites, previous customers are generally pleased with the services provided by Open Property Group.


According to Open Property Group, they pay around 80% of the asking price for a house. This value can rise or fall depending on your specific property.

If necessary, Open Property Group can buy your home within 24 hours, or you can set the timeframe so that the sale will occur at a convenient pace for you.

When working with the Open Property Group, you will not be charged any fees, and they also cover solicitor's fees and any other legal costs.

Open Property Group is registered with The Property Ombudsman as well as the NAPB.

Open Property Group claim to be a direct cash buyer, meaning they have immediate funds available to purchase your home.

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