House Buyer Bureau: Reviews, Overview & Prices Paid (2022)

House Buyer Bureau is a direct cash buyer and pays a percentage of market value for properties. The business is located in Derby and began operations in 2014. Members of the NAPB, House Buyer Bureau, is registered with The Property Ombudsman. When selling a house quickly, it is always recommended that you seek out a cash house buyer with these accreditations, as you can be confident the service will not be fraudulent or misleading.

Who is House Buyer Bureau?

House Buyer Bureau is a direct property purchaser and is based in the United Kingdom. They claim that they will pay the highest price for your home and will purchase properties in any condition.

According to the House Buyer Bureau’s website, previous sales have been completed in as little as seven days. As cash home buyers, they should have the funds necessary to purchase your home, and you will not be required to sign an option contract that prevents you from selling elsewhere while they source funding. Along with providing a quick service, House Buyer Bureau claims to offer the best value for your home, but on their website, there is no indication of the maximum percentage offered. However, the House Buyer Bureau’s website allows you to view their most recent 500 purchases.

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What services does House Buyer Bureau provide?

The House Buyer Bureau will pay a percentage of the market value of your home. The company operates quickly, and you can apply for a cash offer directly online.

It is free to work with House Buyer Bureau. There are zero fees associated with applying for a cash offer or completing a sale. There are no hidden fees to be concerned about, and House Buyer Bureau will cover all legal costs.

You are under no obligation until contracts are exchanged, which means you can cancel the sale at any time without incurring any additional costs.

What is the process with House Buyer Bureau?

House Buyer Bureau operates similarly to a large number of other cash home buyers.

You make an online enquiry, and a member of their team will contact you with a cash offer. If you accept this offer, House Buyer Bureau will begin the process of selling your home. The offer in principle you receive represents an estimate of the value of your home, and to verify this, the House Buyer Bureau will send at least two local estate agents and a RICS Surveyor to inspect your property. Following that, a formal offer will be made. This offer will not be modified during the remainder of the process.

If you accept the formal offer, the sale will be handled by lawyers. If you choose to use House Buyer Bureau’s lawyers, your legal fees will be covered. If you prefer to retain your own counsel, the company will cover the cost of legal representation.

The final step is contract exchange, which completes the sale. Once the transaction is finalised, your lawyer will settle any outstanding debts on your property (if any), and then you will receive the funds.

House Buyer Bureau Positives

  • The House Buyer Bureau covers all fees. There are no hidden fees involved, and the company will cover any surveys, solicitor fees, or other costs associated with the sale.
  • The majority of reviews on Feefo are positive, with customers praising the service provided by House Buyer Bureau employees in particular.
  • House Buyer Bureau has immediate funds available, which enables them to purchase your property quickly. They are a direct cash buyer and do not require funding from a third party.

House Buyer Bureau Negatives

  • The House Buyer Bureau will not pay you the market value of your home. You’ll benefit from a quick sale, and the price you’re offered will reflect this.

Compare with British Homebuyers

Discover how House Buyer Bureau compares to British Homebuyers

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4.9/5 from 149 Reviews

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House Buyer Bureau

4.7/5 from 38 Reviews

4.2/5 from 25 Reviews

No Reviews

4.7/5 from 64 Reviews

Our Verdict

The House Buyer Bureau is a direct cash buyer who will not charge you any fees for their services. Once a formal offer has been made on your house or property, the price you receive will not change. They have positive reviews on Feefo and Google, but not much elsewhere online – such as

House Buyer Bureau appears to be a company you can trust with your quick house sale. They are NAPB approved and registered with The Property Ombudsman.


House Buyer Bureau does not make clear what percentage of market value they will pay. However, it is likely to be approximately 80% to 85% of market value, which is normal for an instant cash purchase.

House Buyer Bureau seem to offer the standard time frame of 7 – 30 days or a time scale that suits you.

House Buyer Bureau has no fees involved when selling your property and will cover all your costs.  

Home House Buyers are registered with The Property Ombudsman, The Advisory and NAPB.

House Buyer Bureau claim to be a direct cash buyer, meaning they have immediate funds available to purchase your home.

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