Accelerate Homes: Reviews, Overview & Prices Paid (2022)

Accelerate Homes are a sell your house fast property company based in Fulham, London. Accelerate Homes aim to work with leading UK Cash Property Buyers to help homeowners find qualified buyers. So, it does not appear they buy direct, but broker properties to reliable buyers. They claim to be able to generate guaranteed cash offers without any hassle or fuss, but what exactly does their service involve?

Who Are Accelerate Homes?

Accelerate Homes are based in London and claim to be in business for over 10 years, aiming to quickly link homeowners with the best cash property buyers in the UK.

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What services do Accelerate Homes provide?

Accelerate Homes will buy your home for a percentage of its market value or find a qualified cash buyer to purchase. They or their buyers will provide you with a formal cash offer, which will be a percentage of your home’s market value.

Accelerate Homes do not state how much they will pay for your home. However, it is unlikely they will offer more than 85% for your property for a direct quick purchase.

How does it work with Accelerate Homes?

Accelerate Homes claim to connect you with the best cash property buyer in the UK. The company follows an internal process in order to help you sell your house fast.

The first step with Accelerate Homes it to get in contact. This can be done by entering your postcode on their website or giving them a call. Upon entering your postcode, it will request further information.

Accelerate Homes request basic information about yourself and property in order to get in touch and take you through their process.

Accelerate Homes highlight on their website that by using their service you can get an immediate cash offer on any house in any condition anywhere in England and Wales.  

Accelerate Homes Positives

  • Accelerate Homes only works with leading UK cash property buyers that are members of The Property Ombudsman and/or NAPB.
  • Accelerate Homes are based in London, United Kingdom. So calls will alway be taken by someone based in the UK.

Accelerate Homes Negatives

  • Accelerate Homes will not purchase at Market Value. To achieve a guaranteed quick sale, it is expected to be below value, which is the case for all cash house buyers.
  • Accelerate Homes specialise in brokering properties to vetted cash buyers. It is not clear what proportion of properties, if any, they buy direct.

Compare with British Homebuyers

Discover how Accelerate Homes compares to British Homebuyers.

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British Home Buyers

4.9/5 from 149 Reviews

4.8/5 from 154 Reviews

4.8/5 from 321 Reviews

4.9/5 from 17 Reviews

Accelerate Homes

5/5 from 2 Reviews

No Reviews

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No Reviews

Our Verdict

Accelerate Homes claim to sell your home within 7-14 days suing their vetted cash buying partners. They cover any property in any condition across England and Wales.

Accelerate Homes will not be the ideal choice to get full value for your home. However you should achieve a quick cash sale through their cash property buyers.


Accelerate Homes do not make clear what percentage of market value they or their buyers will pay. However, it is likely to be below market value, which is normal for an instant cash purchase.

Accelerate Homes claim to purchase property within 7-14 days. They have direct cash funds, but also have a network of reliable cash buyers.

Accelerate Homes has no fees involved when selling your property. Accelerate Homes will cover all your costs well selling your home quickly.  

Accelerate Homes claims to only work with reliable cash buyers that are part of professional bodies, including the Property Ombudsman and NAEA.

Accelerate Homes appear to rely on a reliable network of cash buyers to make purchases. However also claim to have fund available to buyer properties quickly.

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