Upstix: Reviews, Overview & Prices Paid (2022)

Upstix are a cash property buyer based in London. They were founded in 2021 and claim to be able to buy your house in as little as 7 days. 

Who are Upstix?

Upstix were established in 2021, and are a technology-led homebuyer that provides an initial data-driven valuation and then a cash offer within 48 hours. In addition to their online valuation, they will seek to have their valuation verified via one of their estate agent partners who will carry out an appraisal, and if an offer is accepted, they will request to arrange a further valuation by a RICS surveyor. Upstix state they can complete on your property within 7 days.

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What services do Upstix provide?

Upstix promise a fast and straightforward three-step plan to provide a guaranteed offer, you should expect to pay for conveyancing fees for their appointed solicitor, however there are no further hidden fees. You should expect their final cash offer to be below market value.

What is the process with Upstix?

Upstix have a three-step process:

Step One: Fill out their form or give them a call. Details pertaining to your home or property will be taken. You will be provided with an instant estimate offer, automatically generated by data points available for your home.

Step Two: If you are happy with their estimate offer, they will send an estate agent to your house to further apprise the property. They will then provide a final offer following the agents appraisal. 

Step Three: If you are happy with Upstix final offer, they will then have your property valued by a RICS surveyor and instruct a solicito to deal with the legal work. They state that can complete within 7 days if you are ready to move quickly with them.

Upstix Positives

  • Upstix can purchase your property directly.
  • Upstix have their valuations verified by estate agents and RICS surveyor. This provides you with confidence in understanding their market value calculations.
  • Upstix are available on the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Upstix Negatives

  • Having been founded in 2021, Upstix are new to market and have yet to establish a reputation. All signs do show that they growing to be honest and reliable cash buyers.
  • Data-driven valuations and offers still need to be verified by estate agent appraisals and RICS surveyors, suggesting their initial valuations to be a marketing hook, with a process that is ultimately no different to other typical homebuyers.
  • Upstix do not yet appear to be regulated by The Property Ombudsman or NAPB.

Compare with British Homebuyers

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Our Verdict

From what we can see, Upstix will buy your property or house directly, and it’s encouraging to know that they verify their valuations and offers with via a RICS surveyor.

Upstix are however yet to establish a reputation across review sites, making it nearly impossible to see what customers think of their services. 


You should expect Upstix to make an offer for your property that is below market value.

Their website confirms that monies could be in your account in seven working days using their fast cash sale option.

Upstix state that you will need to pay for conveyancing fees, however there are no other hidden fees.

Upstix do not yet appear to be regulated with The Property Ombudsman or NAPB.

Upstix claim to be a direct cash buyer, meaning they have immediate funds available to purchase your home.

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